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Manufacturer Dobson & Horrell Friendship Estates Ltd TopSpec Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare 1Kg Dengie
Name Dobson & Horrell High Fibre Nuts Friendship Estates ReadiGrass 15Kg Bale TopSpec Calmer, 3 Kg Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare, 1 kg Dengie Alfa A Oil 20Kg - Horse Feed

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  • Low calorie feed
  • Suitable for lamintics
  • Ideal for adult horses/ponies in light work/rest
  • High feed value
  • Captures All the goodness of ryegrass pastures
  • Dust extracted
  • Ideal for horses or ponies with anxious temperamen...
  • Reduces anxiety without affecting normal behaviour
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Formulated to help calm hormonal mares
  • Contains calming and soothing properties
  • Ponies & smaller horses: 1.5 scoops per day
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At 20bestsellers you get your fitting item in the category Pet Supplies. In the Horse Food review you find the best products based on the Amazon bestsellers. In most cases you can’t do wrong purchasing one of the first articles in the list, because these are sorted by a various number of parameters. Criteria are customer feedback, price, number of sales, customer reviews, returns and many more.

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The best Horse Food review

Bestseller No. 1
Friendship Estates ReadiGrass 15Kg Bale review
  • Market leading ReadiGrass is the original dried grass made exclusively from British pastures. A unique production process ensures that the grass retains a high feed value and is significantly more nutritious than hay. With vibrant natural colour and a
  • fresh grass aroma ReadiGrass creates a highly palatable feed for even the fussiest of horses. ReadiGrass is 100% grass with nothing added - guaranteed! It can be fed as a chaff to prevent bolting of feed. Alternatively it can be fed in larger quantities
  • to enhance or completely replace the forage ration. ReadiGrass has many uses in the diet of the modern horse: High in fibre - ReadiGrass can help increase the fibre intake of horses that may be reluctant to consume other forages due to competition stress,
  • this is essential in the prevention of gut disorders and ulcers which can affect performance. Short chopped - making it easy for older horses to chew which prevents quidding and unnecessary wastage. High nutritional content - can be beneficial in the
  • healthy development of youngstock, for weight gain and to improve topline in poor doers. Dust Extracted - the drying process which prevents the growth of fungal spores and contaminants and the rigorous dust extraction process both help to maintain a
Bestseller No. 2
Dobson & Horrell High Fibre Nuts review
  • Low calorie feed
  • Suitable for lamintics
  • Ideal for adult horses/ponies in light work/rest
  • Low intake formula
  • High in fibre
SaleBestseller No. 3
Dodson & Horrell Devils Claw Root, 1.5 kg review
  • Devil's Claw Root is native to South Africa where it's been used for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for over 250 years.
  • Inevitably as horses age their joints stiffen, particularly if they've had a hard working life or are suffering with a specific joint or muscular condition.
  • These horses will likely benefit from some additional help to soothe their muscles and joints.
  • Dodson & Horrell Devil's Claw Root is available as a dried herb or as a liquid.
  • A pure herb with anti-inflammatory properties Ideal for older horses or horses with joint conditions.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Equine America Cortaflex, 908 g review
  • Use cortaflex and keep your horse or pony's joints healthy throughout its life
  • It's never too soon to start feeding cortaflex, and its cheaper than you may think
  • Fortified with hyaluronic acid
  • Cortaflex economically and effectively supports and maintains healthy joints
  • Whether it's the children's pony ridden daily, teenagers competing at riding clubs, or mum's daily hack
Bestseller No. 6
Dodson & Horrell Placid, 1 kg review
  • A calming blend of herbs
  • Ideal for horses with behavioural issues
  • Available as a dried or liquid blend
  • Ponies & smaller horses: 1.5 scoops per day
  • Larger horses: 2 scoops per day
Bestseller No. 7
Hay Bale for horses - Approx 20kg / 100x50x40cm - BOXED - FREE P&P review
  • Quality Natural Hay - Grown & Baled here in Lancashire
  • Feed for horses and other large grazing animals
  • Made from mixed grasses, predominantly rye grass
  • Barn dried
  • Approx 20kg, 100cm x 50cm x 40cm
Bestseller No. 9
Hilite Pony Horse and Pony Mix 20 Kg review
  • A low energy feed
  • High fibre feed
  • Highly palatable formula
  • Ideal for horses at rest
  • Ideal for horses in light work
Bestseller No. 10
Dodson & Horrell Chamomile Flowers, 1 kg review
  • Chamomile tea has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years to promote calm and a good night's sleep.
  • It is very useful in this capacity for horses and for minor digestive problems including indigestion, acidity, gastritis, wind, bloating and colic.
  • It has also been used successfully for hiatus hernia, peptic ulcer, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • For nervous or excitable horses and ponies.
  • Comes in a handy, resalable tub.

Latest Horse Food

These are the most recent and interesting items we found on Amazon.

Dodson & Horrell Cushcare Condition, 18 kg review
  • For underweight Horses and Ponies that require a lower starch and sugar feed.
  • Nutritional support of muscle cell maintenance and generation.
  • Supports weight maintenance, fat digestion and absorption.
  • Supports the horse's immune system and 'mops up' excess free radicals that may be associated with ageing.
  • Nutritionally supports joint function.

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