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Manufacturer Gardman Gardman Gardman Planted Perfect Lacasa Bedding
Name Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Bird Feeder Gardman guaranteed squirrel proof wild bird seed feeder Gardman Wild Bird Heavy Duty Seed Feeder CRYSTAL CLEAR BIRD FEEDER - Suction Window Feeders Birds, Cats and Kids Love - Easy to Clean and Fill - See Cardinals, Finches and Orioles Feed Inches From Kitchen Windows - 100% Money Back Guarantee 3 Litre Economy Drinker and 3kg Economy Feeder Red and White Set
Rating 4.1 / 5 ( 1,883 Review )

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4.1 / 5 ( 1,883 Review )

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4.4 / 5 ( 164 Reviews )
  • Heavy duty bird feeder
  • Squirrel & large bird resistant
  • Easy fill & clean
  • Squirrel proof stainless steel feeder suitable for...
  • Unique sprung weighted squirrel and big bird proof...
  • Holds 200g seed mix, 195g peanut bites or 145g sun...
  • Durable all metal feeder
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Coated to kill bacteria growth
  • ✓ SEE BIRDS INCHES AWAY - Enjoy chickadees, cardin...
  • LIKE SQUIRRELS? - The feeder is not squirrel proof...
  • ✓ EASY SETUP AND CLEANING - Birds poop. But they a...
  • Feeder has anti scratch bars
  • Both have handles for easy cleaning
  • Both come apart for easy cleaning
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At 20bestsellers you get your fitting item in the category Pet Supplies. In the Poultry Feeders review you find the best products based on the Amazon bestsellers. In most cases you can’t do wrong purchasing one of the first articles in the list, because these are sorted by a various number of parameters. Criteria are customer feedback, price, number of sales, customer reviews, returns and many more.

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The best Poultry Feeders review

Bestseller No. 1
Gardman Wild Bird Poppy Dish Feeder review
  • Wild bird decorative feeder on cast iron pole.
  • In the shape of a poppy.
  • An attractive feeder dish.
  • Ideal in borders and pots.
  • Height 72cm
SaleBestseller No. 2
CRYSTAL CLEAR BIRD FEEDER - Suction Window Feeders Birds, Cats and Kids Love - Easy to Clean and Fill - See Cardinals, Finches and Orioles Feed Inches From Kitchen Windows - 100% Money Back Guarantee review
  • ✓ SEE BIRDS INCHES AWAY - Enjoy chickadees, cardinals, titmouse and more like never before as they swoop in front of your window, perching inches from you and enjoy a tasty feast of seeds on your large, inviting 11.8 x 3.9" platform bird feeder. You will not get better birding pictures than these.
  • LIKE SQUIRRELS? - The feeder is not squirrel proof. Few are, especially ones this simple and affordable. Your window feeder does fight squirrels however. Few can steal seeds thanks to the innovative suction engineered design - a nearly squirrel proof bird feeder if you follow our instructions. That's the truth, no inflated sales claims.
  • ✓ EASY SETUP AND CLEANING - Birds poop. But they are also beautiful. Make your window a feeding frenzy birds flock to with our easy clean, acrylic bird feeder that makes washing a breeze. Setup is easy too. Unlike many hanging or window feeders, yours quickly attaches to any window - birding in the kitchen or by the office - either add delight to your day.
  • THE BEST QUALITY BIRD FEEDER WITH A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Love your new feeder or your money back, no questions asked, just a prompt, courteous refund. Planted Perfect's a company by and for birders, gardeners and homeowners and we're here 7 days a week to deliver you UNSURPASSED SERVICE, answer any of your birding, yard or gardening questions and ultimately help you have an even more beautiful, enjoyable home. PLUS SEE OUR PROMOS BELOW FOR MORE GREAT GARDEN DISCOUNTS! ORDER TODAY
  • ✓ STRONG SUCTION TO SEE BIRDS - We engineered powerful suction cups to tightly, easily lock to your window. Your new feeder attracts dozens of colorful birds daily - we will not let it fall. Plus even if a daring squirrel somehow dives on the feeder, the lock tight suction cups will hold - protecting your feeder, whether on the 1st floor or above. Enjoy a flurry of action and color everyday in a skyrise or suburban home - it makes no difference.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Gardman Wild Bird Heavy Duty Seed Feeder review
  • Durable all metal feeder
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Coated to kill bacteria growth
  • Holds 420g seed mix
  • ideal for hanging around the garden or from a feeding station
Bestseller No. 4
PestOff Rat Proof Chicken Feeder Kit - Rat Proof & Large Bird Proof Poultry Feeder - Weather Proof - 4lts / 8lbs Capacity - BRAND NEW review
  • VERMIN PROOF - Not just 100% Rat proof poultry feeder, also mouse & large bird proof. HYGENIC & NO MORE NEED FOR RAT POISON
  • NO SETTINGS TO ADJUST - AUTOMATICALLY PEST PROOF - INDIVIDUALLY spring loaded feeding ports only let chickens feed not pests. Patent pending.
  • LARGE CAPACITY OF 4LTS / 8.00LBS - WEATHER PROOF - so no feed clogging & no need for constant refilling - Ideal for 4 to 6 hens per feeder. Great for feeding layers pellets or mixed corn. Made from food grade materials and non rust stainless steel.
  • HYGENIC & NO MORE NEED FOR RAT POISON - Unique anti spill design means LESS FOOD WASTAGE. The Unique design also minimizes raking and thrashing action and means NO VERMIN defecation in the food that can cause disease & potential flock wipeouts.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & EASY TO FILL - ANTI-SPILL DESIGN - Comes with carry handle, a metal hanging bracket and screws, 40cm / 15.7 inch long non rust stainless steel chain and hanging hook for easy hanging. PestOff Feeder Guarantee Included - SAVES you money as NO WASTE and only the Chickens feed, not the hungry pests! If you are not 100% satisfied we will give you your money back in full.
Bestseller No. 5
Hentastic Chick Sticks Feeder & Pack of 6 Sticks - A Hanging Feeder With Boredom Busting Treats which helps prevent feather picking review
  • Specially designed feeder to hold 6 Hentastic Chick Sticks. When loaded suspend just above the ground so that it can move freely, which then not only acts as a treat dispenser but also is used as a boredom busting toy by your pet hen.
  • Chicken treat which is not only healthy and a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals and natural anti-oxidants, but will also help to relieve stress and boredom, thus stopping feather picking.
  • Fully endorsed by the British Hen Welfare Trust.
Bestseller No. 6
Eton Poultry Plastic Drinker with Handle, 6 Litre review
  • Made from plastic
  • Poultry drinker
  • With handy carry handle
  • 6 litre capacity
Bestseller No. 7
Gardman Steel Seed Feeder - Black review
  • Durable all metal feeder
  • Detachable base and top for easy cleaning
  • Coated to kill bacteria growth
  • Will hold approximately 250g of seed
  • ideal for hanging around the garden or from a feeding station
SaleBestseller No. 8
HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder, Pet Food Automatic Dispenser with Voice Reminding and Timer Programmable, 6-Meal for Dogs (Medium and Small) and Cats review
  • Flexible meal portions from 4 grams to 400 grams per meal. Food container is about 1.5KG dry food. It is continuous to work everyday after you finished the meals setting. If you feel confused about the operation, you can search HoneyGuaridan automatic pet feeder on YouTube for video lessons.
  • Accurately feeding once you set this dog and cat feeder and it can be scheduled up to 6 meals a day to help your pets keep good diet.It works 24/7 when battery power is enough. If you need to go outside for several days or your pets need to keep a good idet, it is a better choice than other cheaper models.
  • Built in Voice Recorder and Speaker : Record your voice 12 seconds to call your pets for meals.
  • Prevent Food Locking and Spills : Built in infrared detection which can prevent the food locking, let your pets enjoy the meals. This system can fit any different shapes dry and semi-moist foods, but the food size can not exceed 0.39" * 0.39"(1 cm*1 cm), otherwise the food may be stuck in the hole.
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption : Requires 3 Pieces of DBatteries (not included) Recommend Amazon self-owned brand battery and it can keep working for over 6 months. We provide 18 months Warranty to all of our products.
SaleBestseller No. 9
PEDY Large Window Bird Feeder with Removable Tray, Acrylic Clear Window Mount,Easy to Clean and Fill ,3 Suction Cups review
  • Large transparent acrylic birds feeder, with 3 scution cups, very easy to attch to the windows firmly.
  • Tough and light weight, transparent acrylic construction.
  • Removable tray, so you can clean and refill it easily.
  • Designed with a lot of small holes on the main body to keep the seed dry and circulated
  • Best gift for bird lovers & cats, provides a unique experience to get face-to-face with numerous bird species
Bestseller No. 10
Heavy Duty Nut Feeder - Large review
  • Robust construction using die-cast alloy, stainless steel and polycarbonate
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Large feed tube diameter provides significant increases in food capacity
  • Can be used with a variety of accessories The Large Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder is part of a comprehensive range of contemporary designed tubular, squirrel resistant feeders.

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